Roadmap to Web3
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  • Main Zone
    Point Node
    Main software responsible for the network operations
    Internal scaffolding
    Decentralized storage on Arweave
    Connections to various blockchains
    Send, receive, transaction history
    API & Console
    API keys for other software to interact with Point
    Point Proxy
    Local proxy that Point Browser interacts with
    Point DNS
    Tools to deploy dApps onto Point Network
    Point Browser
    Portable fork of Firefox with web3 tools enabled
    Firefox profile lifecycle management
    Point SDK
    Extra API for dApp developers
    Browser extension
    For Point UI tools
    Receive browser security updates from Mozilla
    Confirmation window
    To confirm transactions and actions
    Mimicking Metamask API
    Will allow to support all dApps on all Ethereum and Ethereum-compatible chains
    Control the internal state of the network
    Receive notifications right from dApps
    Point Home
    The first thing a user sees, hosted on https://point
    Point Wallet
    UI for sending and receiving tokens and coins, transaction history etc. across multiple chains and currencies
    Point Explorer
    Explorer for Point Chain
    Control the state of the components from Dashboard
    Software Packs
    Web3 software installation for non-programmers by cloning IKV
    Notification Manager
    Manage notifications from dApps
    The rest of the components needed to launch beta
    Point Network website
    Twitter oracle
    Testnet infra
    Arweave bundler support nodes
    Web2 Gateway
    Bug tracker
    Point Website on Web3
    Responsible disclosure/Bughunting program
    Status (in the Explorer)
    POINT Token
    Point Chain
    Token characteristics & genesis
    Web3 Apps
    Point Social
    Default decentralized social network on Point
    Authentication with identities
    Post: create
    Post: add rich media
    Post: view (URL)
    Post: edit
    Post: delete
    Comment: create
    Comment: view
    Comment: edit
    Comment: delete
    Like: add and remove
    Dislike: add and remove
    Calculate likes/dislikes
    Global feed
    See a user's profile
    See a user's feed
    Subscribe and receive notifications
    Block/unblock a user
    (+sub to a topic)
    (+private groups, +payment)
    Private community by paid access
    (Decentralized Patreon)
    Chats (TG/discord-like)
    Quote replies
    send invoices/payments (+in all crypto)
    allow ppl to have several blogs like substack/medium. and companies
    Trolls vs censorship
    Point Mail
    End-to-end encrypted decentralized Email
    AJAX rewrite
    Send email
    View email
    Rich media
    View inbox
    Group send
    (cc, bcc)
    Contact list
    Set price for sending public email
    Only for public email (something celebrities receiving lots of mail might do), void after the sender is added to the contact list
    Enforce using a bit of CPU power in order to send a valid email, in order to combat spam. Difficulty=number of zero bits at the beginning of the email hash over the full message with metadata
    Point Drive
    Google Drive, the web3 way
    Public files
    Upload publicly accessible files and folders
    Private files
    Encrypt private files and directories transparently using identity-derived encryption key
    Files available by link
    Encryption key as part of the link
    +sync/mount via fuse
    Dropbox-like functionality, extending your computer space with a special folder capable of unlimited decentralized storage (as long as you have tokens for it)
    +support for ipfs and others
    Point Tube
    Decentralized video hosting like Youtube/Vimeo
    Upload video
    Edit video details
    Such as description, tags etc.
    View video
    Private video
    (use identity-derived encryption key)
    View only by link
    (upload encrypted and share encryption key as part of the link)
    Paid subscriptions/Superchat
    Decentralized Medium
    Uncensorable blogs for everyone on Web3
    Organizing into a software pack
    Instead of having one Point Blog, allow anyone to host a blog on their domain
    Admin panel
    Only for blog admins
    About Us, Contact and any other custom page
    View page
    Add page
    Edit page
    Delete page
    View article
    Add article
    Edit article
    Delete article
    Add comment
    Edit comment
    Delete comment
    Moderate comments
    Customize themes and styles
    Follow the blog
    See how many are following (audience/reach)
    Updates via notifications
    Web of Trust
    Resurrect Web of Trust idea from the 90s, with a web3 spin
    Contact list
    Add an identity as a trusted connection
    Revoke a trusted connection
    Signal stolen identity
    Maintain graph of trusted connections up to 4th level
    Display level of confidence on identity handles/websites
    Recalculate likes/shares on social media based on WoT
    Subscription contract standard
    Authentication into private communities with a paid token
    Multi-Chain Integration
    Solana: .sol domains (Bonfida)
    Ethereum: .eth domains
    Solana: Mimic Phantom Wallet API
    Other chains
    Streaming Money
    Continuous money streaming via payment channels for e.g. consultation calls
    Create a shop
    Set a category
    Edit a description
    Add a product
    Edit a product
    Remove a product
    Set the fee
    Calendar management
    Set availability
    Buy the product/Take availability
    Receive a receipt + appointment
    Reminders via notifications
    Payment channels protocol
    Integration with audio/video streaming
    Open payment channel
    Encrypt the stream
    Share the decryption key between clients
    Establish audio/video connection
    Close payment channel
    Sidebar Chat
    Recurring appointments
    Decentralized Forums
    Think Reddit, Bitcointalk as examples
    Make into a software pack
    Instead of centralized Reddit, would allow anyone to host their communities on their .point handle
    Admin panel
    Authorization - only for admins
    Assign other admins and moderators
    Manage Roles and Permissions
    Boards and Subboards
    Create a post
    Add attachments / rich media
    Edit the post
    Delete the post
    Moving the post
    Locking the post
    Replies/comments within posts
    Create a message
    Add attachments / rich media
    Edit the message
    Delete the message
    Quote the message
    Unread message tracking
    Merits ("thank-you"s)
    Following (+notifications)
    Private threads
    Implement using encryption & auto-sharing the key to the participants
    Private boards
    Paid access to private threads/boards
    Extra attributes
    Creating read-only announcement posts, etc.
    Moderation & spam management
    Customization: themes & styles
    such as FAQ, guides etc.
    Decentralized Github
    Trustless decentralized uncensorable code hosting
    Users and organizations
    Create a repository
    Edit a repository
    Delete a repository
    Access control
    Add team members
    Remove team members
    Manage permissions
    Git protocol integration
    Make Point speak Git protocol and store code on decentralized backend
    Push commits/history
    Clone a repository
    Browse code
    Calculate on-client
    Pull requests
    Allow devs to sign commits and releases
    Code Multisigs
    Allow to set up N-of-M multisigs where the code is only merged to a certain branch if signed by threshold number of devs
    Allow domains to point to branches, so that every push to a certain branch automatically deploys a website/dApp
    Private repositories
    Implement via encryption keys, and make the key part of git clone URL
    Decentralized IM
    Decentralized versions of Discord, Slack, Telegram/Whatsapp, Zoom
    Contact List
    The first message
    The first contact is different than a normal conversation - could be spam, could be scammers, could be phishing etc.
    Send and receive messages
    Edit and delete messages
    Forward messages
    Sign messages
    Requesting to sign a message (i.e. an invoice, an agreement etc.) cryptographically instead of using a session key, so it can be proved to a third-party
    Rich text, links
    Rich media/attachments
    Audio calls
    Video calls
    Missed calls
    Group chats
    Group audio/video calls (a-la Zoom)
    Organization into Teams and Channels
    Moving into Slack/Discord functionality
    Moderation / Blocks / Dealing with spam
    Ecommerce software for web3
    Organizing into a software pack
    Instead of one giant e-store on Point, it would allow anyone to have e-commerce websites on their domains
    Content management system
    Index, about pages, terms etc.
    Product catalog
    Items: Names & IDs
    Product description
    Product images and videos
    Product characteristics
    Add to cart
    A cryptographically signed invoice, with a unique payment address
    Buying process
    Issuing a request to Point SDK to buy the item
    Instead of a simple blockchain transaction, this would be a transaction with extra data included, such as the invoice data, so that auditors can see that this product has been paid for
    Optional binding to escrow functions
    Allowing the parties to resolve their dispute through escrow services
    Delivery messaging
    Opens a private IM channel between a seller and buyer to exchange delivery status updates and request support if needed
    Leave a review / feedback
    Allow to leave a public review and a private feedback for both the buyer and the seller
    See seller reputation
    Help the potential buyer quickly make sense of all reviews - pagination, total +/-, sorting etc.
    Decentralized arbitrage
    Decentralized courts
    Instead of having one centralized root Point Court, different companies/DAOs might provide escrow services, and people might agree to delegate to the most reputable - see Integration Types
    Register a court
    Root arbiters
    Reputation history
    Propose a judge
    Reputation history
    Open case
    Set a bounty (% of a transaction or fixed assets)
    Hold assets in the contract until the case is resolved
    Assign randomly selected judges, with the level according to the bounty rewards
    Create encrypted communication space between judges and transaction parties
    Collect judges' anonymous votes
    Execute the judgment
    Appeal / Escalation
    Sign an appeal
    Transfer the case history and decryption key to the next round of judges
    DAO voting
    Case reviews
    Impeachment of judges
    Integration Type 0. MAD Escrow
    Mutually-Assured-Destruction Escrow, with no judges needed
    Propose initial transaction
    Set and cryptographically sign the terms of the transaction
    Collect collateral and the transaction amount in a multi-sig
    Open a communication channel between parties
    If item delivered, sign transaction releasing the collateral of both, and the item payment to the seller
    If item delivered in bad condition, allow to negotiate changing the terms of funds release for the multi-sig
    If item not delivered at all or broken, allow to propose the refund + collateral unlock
    Timeout from one party renders default judgment
    If all fails, agree to delegate to Integration Type 1 or Type 2
    Integration Type 1. Delegate to human escrow as part of an initial transaction
    Agree beforehand on which court to use to resolve the disagreements, before executing the transaction
    Integration Type 2. Delegate to human escrow as part of a multisig decision
    Sign a multisig release from all parties to a decentralized court smart contract, to initiate a dispute
    Web3 Search Engine
    Decentralized Google
    Search UI
    Establishing the Ground Truth
    Architect "The Algorithm" to rank the results
    Provable execution
    Turn it into a state transition formula
    Allow actors to submit entries
    An entry is showing blind spots to the algorithm (i.e. a new page that is not indexed/ranked, or outdated ranking)
    An implementation of an actor's client
    Scan web3 for valid entries that are not accounted for
    Submit an entry
    Validate an entry
    Pay rewards to the actor, locked
    Unlock the rewards after the fisherman window
    "Fisherman" anti-cheating mechanism
    Scanning for invalid or malicious entries, spam etc.
    An implementation of fisherman client
    Accept and validate a proof of a malicious or incorrect entry
    Pay rewards to successful fishermen, out of malicious actor's rewards
    Reputation mechanisms
    Use Web of Trust
    Increase the reputation of consistently beneficial actors
    Decrease the reputation of malicious actors
    Tune the results according to the reputation of entries' owners
    Tune the results according to the user's WoT network perspective
    Modify the rewards coefficient to actors based on reputation
    Asset protection
    Additional on-chain and off-chain security mechanisms
    Integration with hardware wallets
    Allow several parties to decide
    Set a threshold multi-signature smart contract
    Set parties
    Set conditions for funds release
    Transfer funds/assets
    Propose a new release transaction
    Receive a notification for a new proposal
    Collect votes
    Execute or block the release
    Vault mechanics
    A smart contract
    Create a new vault
    Set the vault parameters (such as timeout)
    Send funds/assets to the vault address
    Initiate step 1 - transaction to move the assets, timelocked for the configured period
    Send a notification that the assets are in motion
    Initiate step 2 - if not challenged, complete the transaction
    Challenge the attacker - sign a message reverting/cancelling the transaction from step 1
    Use a second offline key, to signal to the system who is the rightful owner, and transfer the assets away from the attacker
    Decentralized 2-factor Auth
    Make every transaction have to be confirmed e.g. from a smartphone app signing the confirmation. In this case, even if the attacker gets ahold of the private key, they will not be able to sign the confirmation message to finalize the transaction
    Social recovery
    In case of emergency, your friends can transfer the identity and the funds to your new address
    Configure the set of delegates
    Edit the set of delegates (time-locked)
    Encrypt the on-chain message configuring the delegates, so as not to inform them beforehand
    Release the decryption key in case of lost or compromised identity, so that the delegates will be notified, and the smart contract can verify their set
    Vote on the decision
    Collect the votes and execute the decision
    Add optional emergency mode: do not allow delegates to act until the identity is put into emergency mode (either manually by the user signed with a private key, or by inactivity timeout when lost)
    TMEX messaging
    Enterprise Apps
    Provide easy tools for enterprise to adopt web3
    Web3 Content Management System for Companies
    Transform into DAOs
    Web3 DAO Registry
    Corporate Wiki
    Team management
    Access Control
    Integrate Decentralized Email
    Integrate Decentralized Drive
    Allow organizations to collaborate on files, enjoy UIs similar to Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets etc.
    Integrate Decentralized IM
    Decentralized Slack
    Decentralized Zoom
    Integrate auditing & financial reporting
    Integrate Decentralized Upwork for HR
    Allow to post grant announcements/tasks
    Big Data management
    Homomorphic encryption
    Project Management Systems
    Integrate Shops/Ecommerce dApps
    NFTs, Badges. Passes, etc.
    All things NFT
    Decentralized Upwork
    WP DAO Sharing / Open Source / Sci comm support / education
    Electronic Medical Record Access
    Maintain medical records on decentralized storage, encrypted with the patient's keys, so that clinics, hospitals and labs can access it and add records
    Establishing a patient's identity
    A patient would use its default personal identity
    Establishing an institution's identity
    The decryption key for data access will be shared with it
    User Interface for Patients
    Browse their own history
    Appoint health care representatives
    Allow/deny access to health institutions
    User Interface for Health Institutions and Labs
    Decrypt historical records
    Browse a patient's history
    Add records and sign with the institution's identity key
    User Interface for Insurance Companies
    Legal work (HIPAA/EHR compliance etc.)
    Prediction markets
    Gradually increasing users' privacy from the current, almost-completely transparent model, to full privacy
    Integrate existing privacy solutions
    e.g. coinjoin, zero-knowledge based etc.
    Gradually move from account-based model to UTXO-based model for transactions
    L2-based solutions
    Switching between multiple identities in the browser
    Switching between multiple identities in the dashboard (completely closing the session)
    Invoice addresses (payment request addresses)
    Offline payment requests
    Eventual integration of Monero-grade solutions
    Point Wire + Canaries
    Companies, DAOs and dApps having a unified place to issue emergency updates + Dead Canary implementation
    Point Wire
    Instant emergency announcements from companies, DAOs and dApps to the exchanges they're listed on, and any counterparties they interact with, for coordinated action and discussion. Can be public or encrypted, and restricted to the counterparties only.
    An interface for teams to regularly sign a warrant canary statement every week/month/... stating that they have not been served with a government subpoena/a gag order. When the canaries are not signed anymore, something is wrong.
    Dead Man's Switch
    Point Network client configuration signing an "I'm online" message in the background (can be anonymized, so only a pseudonymous ID is signed). Then external servers can query the blockchain and if the ID is not signed for a predefined time (e.g. one month), it can mean that the person is unconscious, disappeared or dead, which could trigger specific actions by servers, such as putting the identity into an emergency mode, so that heirs can be notified and use their private keys to do social recovery of assets.
    Mobile Apps
    Decentralized Maps and Navigation
    One of the highest complexity projects - would have to combine datasets such as OpenStreetMap + realtime congestion report data from clients + privacy-preserving (via homomorphic encryption) calculations outsourced to decentralized compute nodes
    DeFi and Related
    Support for DeFi apps
    DEXes (AMM, spot, derivatives, etc.)
    Decentralized Ads
    Reenvisioning targeting ads industry in a decentralized way, without ruining people's privacy
    Auditors (+DAO hire)
    DAICO / fundraising
    DISCLAIMER. This live roadmap represents Point Labs' vision of web3 (not specifically limited to any single project), and would probably take several teams/companies to work on it. Components are never finished completely, there is always space for improvement, so ✓ simply means 'alpha-ready'. Any ideas of functions, products or components listed in this roadmap shall be considered as assumptions only. Point Labs does not make any representation or warranty and you shall never expect that any function, product or component listed in this roadmap would be developed or made available by Point Labs or any third party.